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Neopet Tips and Tricks!

Everything to get you started on making and taking care of a Neopet!!!!

Neopets is a site that lets you take care of a virtual pet. What you are about to read will help you be less confused (if you get a neopet).

Basic Info

When you log in to your neopet account, you will be at Pet Central. Hit "feed pet" then click the fairy with the spoon. If you have 3000 NP or less she will feed your pet for free. "NP" stands for neopoints. In case you don't know what NP is, it's like money. You earn it by playing games. When you're done playing a game hit "send score" and you will get NP. The more you score the more you get. You can earn as much as 3000 a day on each game. (but some of the games do not give NP). If your account isn't activated, you can't send your score. OK. Back at pet central, you can click "items." You can use these to feed, heal, or play with your pet. You can buy items for your pet by clicking "shops" on the yellow tool bar.

Other Colors

When you first create your account and pet, you have four colors to make your pet. But you may see other people with other colors and patterns on their pets (like the ones on this page). That's because they are lucky enough to have a magic paintbrush. You can see the list of paintbrushes by clicking "shops" on the yellow tool bar. Then click "rainbow pool." You can check out the list of brushes and see what your pet would look like if that was what they were painted.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is a place where you can trade your items with other users. It's very easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can browse lots or make your own. To make your own lot, click "create a new trade." Then select the item(s) you wish to trade. You can tell people what you want for the trade in the Wish List box. It won't show up if you're under 13. To browse other people's lots, hit "browse lots." Then you may type in a specific item you are looking for such as "Lime Jelly." Or you can click "newest 20" to see the 20 newest lots. Some lots will say the user wants 10k. "K" is just another way of saying "thousand." If they say they want 10k, it means they want 10,000 NP.


When you are making your account, first you must select your age. Then you make up a cool name for yourself. That's called a username. Then, fill out the form. The form will ask for your email. But they ONLY want that for two reasons. First, they need to email you the activation code. If your account never gets activated, you won't be able to earn NP (but there are a couple ways, like the money tree). The second reason is so they can email you your password if you forget it. They will NOT email you anything else. Also neopets has a rule that is VERY important. Even though you can have more than one account, only one may go to any place that gives you free stuff.

Your Shop

You can create your own shop. It's VERY easy and gets you a lot of NP (however, you can't create one if your account isn't activated). To set up a shop, go to "your items" then click "shop stock." It will say you don't have a shop, so just click "edit/create a shop." It will cost 150 NP. (That's a small price to pay for a shop.) Fill out the form and you'll have your shop. To make your shop bigger, hit "edit/create a shop" pay 200 NP to fit 5 more items in your shop. You can keep making it bigger, but watch out. The price doubles each time. To stock your shop, go to your items and click the item you wish to stock. There will be a drop down list, select "put in your shop." Then go to your shop stock and price the item. Scroll down and click "update prices." Oh yeah! And nothing priced "0" will show up when people visit. To add blogs, pictures, and music in your shop, go to "help," and click "HTML guid."

Special Pets

There are some pets that say limited edition and restricted. Limited edition means there are not many of them and you are most likely to not be able to make one. That's why there are morphing potions. These are rare special items that let you chance one pet to another with out changing the name! Restricted means that pet can't be made the normal way. You must find the special way.


The Battledome, is a place where your pet can battle someone else's pet. Your pet must have 8 battle items, can't be hungry, and can't be sick. Then they can battle. To equipped your pet with battle stuff, go to your items then click on an item. Pull down the drop-down list and if it say equip you pet, click it. To get battle stuff, click "shops" on the yellow tool bar. Then it will show you some shops. Click "more shops" if you don't see the battle magic or defense magic shop. Or if you want an ideam you don't see there, click the wizard hat on the map above the shops. This will take you to the shop wizard. Type the name of the item you want and he will try to find it. I use for EVERYTHING!!!!

Faerie Quests

Everybody gets 'em. Faerie quests. A fearie quest is when suddenly the screen gose blank!! And the only thing on the page is the Neopets yellow tool bar and a fearie. She will come out of nowhere and she will ask you to buy her a special item. In return, she will do something AWSOME to your pet. Like making them stronger, healing a sickness, feed them, and making them smarter exc. Each fearie wants a different type of thing. Here's the list:

Air Fearie - Grooming

Earth Fearie - Magic

Dark Fearie - Toys

Light Fearie - Cards

Fire Fearie - Cloths

Water Fearie - Books

Queen of Fearies - really expensive stuff

You can decide not to do the quest by going to pet central and click "quests" if your on a quest it will say you are. The fearie will ask you if you have her thing. If you have it you can give it to her. if you don't want to do the quest there is a button you can push. Oh yeah! And you can't use the shop wizard when youre on a quest.


Your Neopet gets smarter every time you read a book to them! They can get a trophy is they are one of the smartest! It also helps in the battledome. Reading a book to your neopet is as easy as feeding or playing with them. Pull down the drop down list and click "read to (pet's name)" and the will read it.

Getting Mad

Every Neopet has likes and dislikes. If you read them a book they think is boring, feed them something they don't like, or play with something they think is boring, they might get mad. This doesnt happen much. Almost every neopet dose. But sometimes after a few months they learn to like these things.

More Then One

You can have one to four neopets on each account. It's just as easy as having one. The item drop down menus will just say more then one pet name.

Getting Sick

Your neopet can get sick which means they can't battle in the battledome. There are a few ways to get rid of sickness. The most common way is to buy the cure. First go to "pet central" then click "quick ref" this will tell you all your pet's status. It will say if they are sick. Then click "shops" on the yellow tool bar. Click the hospital to see what cure your neopet needs. When you find out what your pet needs go to shops again and go to the pharmacy. Or you can hit "explore" on the yellow tool bar. You will then be shown a map. Click fearieland then healing springs There will be three buttons press heal my pet. But remember it doesnt always work. But pets almost never get sick. But to keep them healthy. don't feed them these foods:

Glowing Jelly

Dung Jelly

Poisoness Jelly

Rotten Omelate

Any knid of rotten food

More Soon!!


Guilds are clubs you join. They can help you find pets to battle with in the battledome! You can vote in polls! Read newsletters! And much more! (plus they make you look REALLY cool!) To get the guilds page, click "shops" on the yellow tool bar. There will be a map at the top of the screen. Click the green and blue castle. You can click a place that you would like to search for a guild, type the name of the guild you would like to join, make your own, or you could join our's!!! To join a guild just vist the guild you would like to join then click "join guild." Some guild are private that means you can ONLY join if you have an invetion. You can apply for posions in your guild and the guild leader can put cool blogs in there guild! Ours is reall awsome!! If you have an account, you can join by clicking here! Or you can type "load of bruces" in the search box at the bottom of the guilds page.

The Lab Ray

Thre are some colors that don't have a paint brush, for this you need The Lab Ray. To get the lab ray, you must find 9 pieces of the Labrutory Map. (forgive me if I spelled that wrounge) Then you may zap each of you rpets once a day. But the lab ray isn't always good. It can chance ANYTHING about your neopet but the name and there abilities. It can chance there color, spieces, stregth, health, defence, it can even chance them from boy to girl or girl to boy. So it's not something I'd want to use on you favorite pet.


Avatars are little icons that you use on NeoBoards. (you can't use them if you are under 13) They give people an idea of the things you like. You get them, by eating rare food, finding a secret page, geting a high score on a game exc. To choose an avatar to use, go to NeoBoards, then Chat Preferences. There it will let you choose your avatar and make chances to your board data. These are some of the avatars you can get:


Galleries are ways people shoe off there stuff. You can make a gallery by going to shops, then clicking item gallery. It's a lot like making a shop, but you don't price the items. (becuse you arn't selling them) Some people use their shops as galleries. They do this buy pricing everything 100,000 NP or more. You can't buy anything 100,000 np or more, and that's why they do it, becuse they are using their shop as a gallery.



Scroll down and click the link to get a neopet!!!


Girls Rule!!!

NOTE: Neopets is a tradmark and it is illegal to claim their pets and names as your own