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Learn a ton of facts you probably never knew!

  • A "pitcher" is worth a thousand words. A brave woman named Mary McCauley helped General Washington in a battle at Manmouth, New jersey, in 1778. she carried water to tired and thirsty soldiers, including her husband. When he became exhausted from the heat, she stepped in and continued firing his cannon! We rember her today by her nickname, Molly Pitcher.
  • Fossils are traces or ouutlines of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. Most fossils are found in rock,though traces of plant and animal life are sometimes found in tree sap,glaciers, tar pits, and peat beds.
  • thats a lot of DNA. It would take about 9.5 years to read out loud, without stopping, all the DNA info. present in one person.
  • George Washington did not smile very much because by the time he was 57, he had lost all his teeth!  He had dentures, or false teeth, made out of wood, Ivory, & even cows teeth! Yuck!!!
  • About 900 earthquakes occurevery hour. Most of these are very minor and probably can't be felt by humans.
  • In a resting position, a healthy person inhalesand exhales about 16 times a minute.
  • Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese. The instruments of the orchestra can be divided up into four types: strings, woodwinds, brass, & percussion.
  • Toothpaste is made up of a sedimentary rock called limestone. When you clean you teeth, a powdered form of limestone helps remove bits of food. So brush On! And don't worry if you swallow a little--it's harmless.
  • Now that's Hot! Just a speck of the sun's hot gas could destroy life up to 99 miles away!
  • Which has more heat, a cup of water that is 100 deegrees f. or a filled bathtub that is 75 degrees f.? The bathtub has more heat!





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