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Funky Sites

Hey!!  Here are some other fun sties you can visit!!

              But make sure to ask a parent   (make and take care of a Neopet!)  (make your own Disney T-shirt!) (golf) :-( (site for kids)
(a site featuring the best show on t.v.)  (do a scavenger hunt) (where this site was made)
ask (ask anything you want-get answers) (awesome and uplifting music!) (has a really fun snow-boarding game) (watch trailers! even if you don't like it, it's funny) (run your own lemonade stand)  (you can do a makeover game)  (a ton of cool stuff!!!)  (their lives are "out-of-this-world")  (it's a "tight" site!) (it's fantastic!)

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Girls Rule!!!

NOTE: Neopets is a tradmark and it is illegal to claim their pets and names as your own