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Writing stories

Do YOU like writing stories??? Well if you do then this is the   
page for you!   :-)

  • What you need to wright a story-
  • A pencle
  • A couple sheets of paper
  • And last of all- YOUR IMANGINATION!

  • To start your story you will need to think of how to begin it! Thats the easy part.
  • once you have the beging ready, you will need to think of the middle.
  • Once you have both of those you can start puting in the real juicy stuff! Tell about what happens in the begging & the middle.
  • If you are doing a short story, you should just get to the main part of what the story is about.
  • If you haven't got the end figured out then your in trouble. Because the whole story is trying to get to a goal, weather your character(s)  reach that goal or not. REMEMBER The end of the story is VERY important to know!
  • All you have to do now is put the story together! And: yabba_dadba_do! your Finished!!




        If you think that this is not enough information then you can go to a local library and get a book on "how to write a book" - don't worry i can't explain it either!

Red Book, Turning

Yellow Book, Turning

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