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Very Very Fairy Tale

                           Plan a magical party

Princess Fashion Show- Make teams of 3-6 people.  Choose 1 person to be the leader and 1 person to be the model.  Give each team a sack of newspaper and magzines.  And have the team use tape the newspaper on the model and make a dress.  Then when each teams are done have them show off their model in the newpaper gown.

Sleeping Beaty- Make a bunch of white cards and on one, draw an x.  Give one card to each guest.  Have everybody sit in a circle.  Then let everybody look at their cards.  The person with the x on their card is the winker and nobody know it but them.  They will wink at somebody, and whoever they winked at must lie down and now they are out.  The winker must try to wink out as many people as possable before geting cought.  People can guess who they think is the winker if they're right, they win, but if they're worng, they're out. 

What Fairy Tale?- Write down a bunch of fairy tales on pices of paper, tape one on each guest's back.  Have everone walk aroud asking about the fairy tale on their back.  Whoever they ask can only say yes, or no.  The first persin to find out what fairy tale is on there back wins!

Fairy Dust- Give each guest a sheet of stickers.  Put on a movie and while the movie is playing guest sneek around puting the stickers on each other.  But if you catch somone puting a sticker on you they must take back the sticker and you get to put one on them.  The first persin to get rid of all their stickers wins.

Who's The Real Fairy?- Have a persin leave the room and pick a persin to be the leader of the group.  That persin will do a funny dance and evryone dose the same.  Tell the persin you sent out of the room to come back in.  Now they must guess who is the leader by watch how they chance moves.  Who ever dose it first might be the leader.

Name Tags- you can make each guest a name tag that's telling them where to sit during cake time. If you are having a sleep-over you can wake up extra early and change the name tags around. Then with-out waking up anybody tip-toe back to your sleeping bag & act like nothing ever happened! - In the morning your guests think it appeared like magic! ;-)

Princess Bed-If you're having a sleepover, and your guests are sleeping in a room with a couch, write down everybody's names and put them in a hat.  Mix them around then pull out a name.  Whoever you pulled out, get's to sleep on the couch.


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