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At the Movies

  • Movies, Movies, Movies!!!-Why spend ALL your time watching movies when you can make one of own!!!  Write a scriped and make it into a play.  In your invetions, tell each guest what part they're playing.  Get the play on video and at the end right before people start leaving, watch it!!! (but still, watching movies you didn't make can still be fun)
  • Movie Bingo-If you do watch movies here's something fun to do!!!  Make some 6 by 6 inch bingo boards.  Then write words, phrases, or things that happen in the movie you're watching on the them.  Then give each guest something to cover the squares with.  During the movie, have people look for those words and who ever covers there bingo borad first wins!!
  • ZONK!!!-See how much your guests know about movies!!  Write down ALL the questions about movies you can think of!!  Then make 20 5 by 3 inch cardstock cards.  On each card write a number, but on 5 cards write the word "ZONK!!!"  To play, spilt the gruop up into two teams.  Have somebody read the first question.  One team will have the first turn.  They will try to awnser the question.  If they get it right, the persin reading the questions will to draw them a card, they get whatever number is on that card.  Then the card is put back in the back of the deck.  They can keep asking to have another card 'til they get a "ZONK."  If they get a "ZONK," they lose all the points they got on that turn. Or they can stop and give the other team a turn to awnser the next question.  When all the questions have been read, which ever team has the most points wins!!!  

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