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Plan a tropical party!!!

A lulu is best held outside.  But it's not always sunny enogh so here are some ideas that can be used indoors and out. 
  • Musical Chairs with tropical music (this can be played in doors)
  • Decorate the cake (so that it looks like the ultiment Beach!)
  • Play hawiian music (your guests really feel like they are in Hawaii)
  • When you send out the invitations- tell your guests to dress in hawaiin clothes! (If you do not have any ask your parents if they can help you buy one.
  • Invitations- Here's a fun idea!  Clip tropical pictures out of an old magazine.  Then glue them on a 5 by 4 1/2 inch pice of card-stock to make a gnarly post card!!!  But don't forget to leave room write the party info!! 
  • Music- if you can't play tropical music, use some music that has the sound of a beach. 
  • Wind- if outside is raining or not good wheather- lay out towls inside and set up a few fans! now turn on some bright lights to make it look like the sun. 
  • Aloha!- It's a hawiian tradition to greet visitors with a lei!!  You can do the same when your guest come say "Aloha!" and give them the lei!
  • No Donkey?- Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey dosen't have to be Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey.  To make it fit your theam, make it, Put-The-Flower-In-The-Hula-Girl's-Hair or Pin-The-Wings-On-The-Flamingo exc.
  • Your Design- Give each guest a sheet of white paper.  And have them cut out shapes out of colored paper and glue them on the sheet of white paper.  Them cover each pice of art-work in contact paper.  So the picture, will be turned into a place-mat. 

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