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At the movies!


Have a party themed "at the movies!"

have no fear, the theater is here!
  • Now THIS is a movie-If you have been to a movie theater,then you probably know that all the lights get dim when the movie is about to start... so here's a fun idea- if you are having a sleepover then you might want to go to a local movie renting store, pick up some movies and watch them that night!
  • Bring it then Take it-Another idea is to write in your invitation- "if you can, have Everybpody bring a bag of popcorn, then at the party take a BIG bowl and dump all the popcorn into it, if you can't eat it all then  put them in sacks for your guests to bring home!"
  • YOUR kind of Movie-Ever had a time were you just don't know what to watch?  And NOBODY will agree.  Then try making up your own story.  Make costums and scrips, then have a grown-up get it all on tape!  If you are having a sleepover the flim should be ready by the morning.  Then when you and you rguests wake up, you can watch it.
  • Movie Bingo!-Make some 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 inch carborad Bingo Borads.  Draw at laest 9 boxes on the borad.  Then write words, phreases, or things that happen in a movie.  Give each guest things to cover their borad with.  Put on the movie you based the borads on.  The first person to cover their borad wins!!!
  • Live Entertanment!-If your sick of watching TV, why not have a talent show!  Have guests do magic tricks, sing, show artwork or do whatever they're good at.  But if a guest is shy, and doesn't want to do it, it's best you let them have a chouse.
  • How Many Movies Have you Seen?-See how much your guests know about movies!  Make some 5" by 3" cards from cardstock and right random numbers on them, but a few the say "zonk"  Then make a list of questions to ask your guests.  The way the game works, is you have 2 teams.  You ask team 1 the first question.  If they get it right, you ask them if they want a card.  If the card has a number on it they get the amount of points on the card.  If they get zonk, they lose all their points.  If the team gets the question wronge just ask the other team the question, if they get it right the same thing happens.  If they get it wrounge, you give away the awnser and nobody gets any points.  When you are done with all the questions, the team with the most points wins!  




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