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Have a party themed under water

Here are some great tips for an under water party!!!
  • A Fishy House- Hang pices of green creap paper in the the door-ways to look like sea weed. (it looks soooo awesome!)
  • Whales Can't Run- Whales can't run so they swim.  But when they're on land all they can do is flip aroud.  So have a hoping race.  Tie you feet together and hop to the finish line!
  • Mermaid Tale- Make some teams of 3-6 people.  Then Give each team a big bag of newspaper.  Have each team choose a "mermaid."  Then see which team can wrap her legs in newspaper the fastest.
  • Fish Jello?- With a parent's help, make a bowl of blue jello and sprikle fish sprikles in it to look like fish swiming in water.
  • Got the dumps? If someone else is feeling left out, invite them to where you are and encourage them to play with you, and everybody else.
  • Swimming in the Sea-A great way to have an water party, is to have it in the water!  You can go to a pool to have your party, or for a better water feel go to the aquaium, or the BEST way to it to feel like a water party, is go to the beach! (it's also the cheapest way)
  • Are we under water?-A way to feel like your under water in you rown home, is to tape paper shapes of boats floating on water.  You can also tape paper fish on the walls.  So you will see fish swimming in the water, and boats floating on the surfece.


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