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Inside the Battledome
Once you are inside the Battledome you will see a screen very similar to this. It will display your pet, your opponents pet and how many hit points you have (the number in brackets). The green bar displays how much power you have left. You use power whenever you use an ability.

Your Pet
Your Opponent
Power 100%
Power 100%

Your Pet On the last move... Your Opponent
You use Scorch against Your Opponent! Light
                                    DamageFire Damage
Light DamageFire Damage Your Opponent uses Scorch against you!
Light Defence You shade yourself against Your Opponent's light attack with the Dark Shield!
Your Opponent shades themself against your light attack with the Dark Shield! Light
Damage: Damage:
0 hp 0 hp

This Box displays any messages your opponent has sent you.

Equipment (select up to two)

Wooden Blocking Shield
(level 1)
Cheap Earth Ring
(level 1)

Making a Move

There are several steps to making a move:

  • To make a move select two different items that you want to use. You should think about whether or not you want to use defence or attack items, or a combination of the two.
  • You select the items by clicking on the image. If you are using Internet Explorer the selected items names will be bolded. If you are using Netscape Navigator the selected items will have a check in the checkbox.
  • Next decide which ability you want to use and how much power you want to put into it.
  • The abilities and moves are located in the drop down box.
  • If you choose a faerie ability you can choose a strength from Strong, Medium or Weak. Keep in mind that the different strengths will take different amounts away from the energy bar. Once your energy is at 0 you cannot use your abilites.
  • Underneath the ability drop down menu is a text box. This is for comments to your opponent.
  • Here you can type in a battle cry or comment to say to your opponent when your pet attacks. Please watch your language, because we will be punishing those who are caught using inappropriate language.
  • When you have chosen what move to make press the Go! button. The page will refresh and show you what move your pet has made.
  • The green numbers shown above are your pets Hit Points. When the top number gets reduced to 0 that pet loses.

Waiting for Opponent to move
  • Sometimes you will make the move first, and your opponent won't be done, in this case you will see an in between page as you wait.
  • A small pop up window should be open during this period. This window will tell you the current fight status.
  • Once your opponent has made a move then the page will automatically refresh and you will see what your opponent did and how much damage each pet took in the blue box.
  • Damage is shown as small icons for each different type of damage. Move your mouse over the icons below to see the damage types.

Fire damage Water damage Air damage Earth damage Light damage Darkness damage Physical damage

If you think your opponent has been a long time responding why not drop them a neomail? As long as you keep the small window open you can go anywhere on the site and return to the fight at anytime.

Girls Rule!!!

NOTE: Neopets is a tradmark and it is illegal to claim their pets and names as your own